Xmas Spark by Delphine Dryden

xmas spark

Jack’s Christmas list is short. He wants…
1. A violet wand
2. And his willing sub, Katie

When he finds both under the tree, Jack decides their first Christmas together is the perfect time to create some delightfully shocking traditions.

So, I think I must love Delphine Dryden, lol. This book is a “sequel” to the first book I read written by Ms. Dryden, When In Rio.

So excited about catching up with this couple!


I finished up last night. It was a very cute vignette that works the best if read 100% with When In Rio. There are just things that you will miss the importance of without it.

That being said…this book was pretty hot! (Or should that be shocking? LOL) While I’m not really into pain…the lower levels of the violet wand sound rather delicious and I would love to try. But starting at $150 $300 a pop and only going higher…I can see why Katie didn’t run out and buy a new gift!

I have to say I was kinda excited that they finally had anal sex! OMG, the scenes from When in Rio definitely deserved a follow up and I’m so glad she did!

All it all, a great short! I do think that the score would be lower if the book was not read after When in Rio for a lot of people.

ETA: I looked up the violet wand attachments… How perverse am I that I was excited to learn that electrical current through the person attachment really exists? So…for $350 you can also get all sparkly with the love of your life. 😉

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