My Big Fat Geek Bedding by Fannie Tucker

my big fat geek bedding

When they both come home from their first year of college, Sarah learns that her nerdy best friend has hit the gym, gotten a tan, and become a real stud! Despite his killer combination of brains and body, Carl confides that he’s still a virgin, and Sarah is determined to turn the geek into a man. His enthusiasm trumps his experience, and Sarah ends up with more than a mouthful!

WARNING: Explicit sexual content, F/m, 3200 words.

I’m not sure what I expected from this. I’m…at a loss.

The title alone made me think this was a comedy. But there were no real funny parts.

This book makes me think of The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden BUT this is not even on the same planet…let alone the same league.

Like The Theory of Attraction, the MCs of this book have known each other for a while and are friends. Also like The Theory of Attraction – the hero is amazingly smart and socially inept. But the vocab! It killed me AND the flow of conversation. UNLIKE The Theory of Attraction, this book’s hero is…a freak of nature that doesn’t exist. He’s described as just a nerd…but the conversation he has makes me think of a robot. Seriously, it felt like the author sat down with a thesaurus and changed out every word she could for a “smarter” one. But instead of sounding intelligent, the hero sounds like a robot…but a less human robot than Data from Star Trek: TNG.

Maybe I would have liked this better if the author gave the hero a real personality.

In the meantime, if you’ve read this…do yourself a favor and go read The Theory of Attraction. You won’t be disappointed.

One Star!


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