A Gentleman’s Honor (Bastion Club #2) by Stephanie Laurens

a gentleman's honor

The Season has yet to begin, and Bastion Club member Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, is already a target for every matchmaking mama in London. But there is only one lady who sparks his interest…

Desperate and penniless, but determined, Alicia will make a spectacular match for her ravishing younger sister! Masquerading as the widowed “Mrs. Carrington”—the perfect society chaperone—Alicia intends to boldly launch her sibling into the ton. But one moonlit night stroll may prove her undoing when it leads to an accusation of murder.

Every instinct Tony Blake possesses tells him that Alicia—the exquisite, distraught beauty he discovers standing over a dead body in his godmother’s garden—is innocent of serious wrongdoing. His connections will allow him to take control of the investigation,, his social prominence will certainly provide her public support.

But it is more than honor alone that compels Tony to protect his remarkable, imperiled beauty—and he will do everything in his seductive power to make Alicia his.

I’ve read this book so many times I’m not sure I can give a good review.

Alicia and her sister Adrianna have hatched a plot to save the family. With both of their parents dead, two small brothers to care for and no real money, Alicia and her sister really need at least one of them to get married to a gentleman of standing. Their plot is simple: Alicia – as the oldest – will pretend to be the family’s head as a widow and Adrianna – who is simply stunning – will land the husband.

They didn’t plan that someone would try to accuse Alicia of murder.

Into this situation walks Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington. Anthony immediately realizes that Alicia is the woman he has always wanted to marry. But first he must help protect Alicia’s family from a murderer and a murder accusation.

This is a cute romance. I enjoyed the not quite suspense of the murder and the slow building of Anthony and Alicia’s relationship. Neither the hero nor the heroine were cookie cutter characters and I love the set down that Alicia gives Tony toward the end.

It was rather annoying at times that Alicia has to rely so heavily on Anthony…but this is a historical…and a standard Stephanie Laurens. If you’ve read any of Laurens’ Cynster series, this is pretty much the exact same thing. I still enjoyed it!


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