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Submission: A Treasury of Women who Like to Give In by Various Authors


Control the day, surrender the night.

A collection of explicit erotica about the thrill of power games, erotic control and submitting to the passions of a lover.

The pleasure of surrendering to the will of another, or others, is unique. But who is really in control and who calls the shots? From the head games to the heart flutters and the shivers of pleasure on your skin, this collection of explicit erotica explores the fantasies and experience of female sexual submission.

This was a rather quick read. The stories were all pretty well done and vaguely interesting – for the most part. There is a 1st person story written letter style that I skimmed as that style annoys me.

Most of the stories were rather forgettable with two exceptions:

Best in Show by Rose de Flur ***
You Already Know by Charlotte Stein ****
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Jam Jar Wine- April 20, 2013

I realized this weekend that I’ve been remiss on the wine posts, lol. 😀 And I think that is because usually I’ll snap a pic and then bask in the nectar that is wine.

I’m going to do a few quick update posts – hopefully before the next bottle gets consumed.

I’m exploring wines right now. In discussing this educational process with my regular wine seller, he told me that the 1st thing I should do is what I am supposed to be doing right now: keep a wine diary of what I liked and what I didn’t like.

He also told me that I should be careful in purchasing expensive wines. He told me that it takes time to develop a good palate so I may not be able to truly appreciate the delicate flavors of a more expensive wine. So, with those things in mind…here we go.

April 20th – Jam Jar

jam jar 2

I decided to do sweet reds on this particular weekend. I really don’t have a reason why I wanted to do sweet reds. It was more like a random thought pattern. I don’t care for dry wines especially. I really don’t care for dry white wines – when I do drink whites, I like a nice fruity or somewhat sweet white. So I guessed that I might like sweet reds, too. It’s not like I’ve never had a sweet red wine before, I’ve had plenty of sweet red wine. But it’s mostly been in larger groups with lots of conversation and tons of snacks. I’ve never tried sweet reds with the intention of appreciating the taste.

At the wine store I requested sweet reds and I was shown two different brands that I purchased. Sadly, I forgot to snap a picture of the 2nd bottle so I won’t discuss that one at all.

Back to the Jam Jar. Please remember this is based on several weeks old memory.

I liked it, it was nice. I can’t say it was my favorite. It was…much too sweet for my personal tastes. I would personally classify this as a dessert wine of some sort. Something that I would drink after a meal or as a dessert by itself. I liked the sweetness of it (I have a serious sweet tooth) but I would say that I’d want to turn the sweetness down a few notches.

Tomorrow (hopefully): What happens when wine and canning are combined!

The Seduction Hypothesis (The Science of Seduction #2) by Delphine Dryden

the seduction hypothesis

(1 Curious Sub + 1 Dom in Denial) – Inhibitions = 4 Naughty Nights

Wildlife biologist Lindsey thought attending a fan convention with her new boyfriend Ben was a great idea—until their relationship fizzled. Lindsey still lusts after her ex—but if he wants her, he’s going to have to prove it.

Ben will do anything to win Lindsey back, and when he sees her in her skimpy black vinyl convention get-up, he realizes what she’s been craving all along. And he is inspired to finally give in to his own dark desire to take complete sexual control…

Lindsey is surprised by her reaction to Ben’s kinky new seduction techniques, and suddenly sees the brilliant but uptight code guru in a different light. After several erotic encounters in hotel rooms and stairwells, she’s falling for Ben all over again. And wondering if the intimate connection will last once they head home…

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the first book in this series, The Theory of Attraction, so I was very excited to see that Ms Dryden was writing a series. I was a little disappointed that the characters weren’t who I expected but excited all the same. The heroine in this book was the woman in The Theory of Attraction that Ivan focused his “Dom Powers” on the first time at the backyard BBQ.

What I liked about this book
Let’s just start with the fact that I am a fan of Delphine Dryden. That’s hurdle number one. I’m also a fan of BDSM focused D/s romances. Hurdle number two cleared. That’s like…an automatic two stars right there. Without even trying, lol.
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TIL about Wine…(so far) (AKA Wine Truths*)

This will list the things I have learned so far. I’ll update this list as necessary. If you happen to disagree with anything this list, leave a comment as to why and I’ll investigate.

Color: You’re supposed to look closely at the color. In a well lit room (against a light background) you are supposed to view the wine’s color. Is it clear? (Clear is good) Is it cloudy? There’s some other stuff with the color. I’ll update this as I understand it.

Swirling: Swirl the wine around the glass (by holding the stem, not the glass itself). This is supposed to release aromas by aerating the wine.

Smell the wine: Sniff the wine. What does it smell like? What aromas do you detect?
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