Before you sign into Goodreads with your Amazon account…

Before you sign into Goodreads with your Amazon account…

I was recently privileged to have one of my blog articles posted at Genxposé.

This post is about internet privacy and security…and why you should not link your Goodreads account to your Amazon account (or link any account, to be honest).


I recently learned that Goodreads quietly added a “Sign In with Amazon” button to their log on options. No fan fair, no announcements, just a little button that appears on some (but not all) sign-in screens.

Signing into Goodreads with your Amazon does two things: 

1) It helps them to connect the dots. The company is now able to fill in some of the additional holes in your consumer profile. They are linking your real name, address, credit card/gift card information and purchasing habits to a social profile. While there is a limit on what and how much information a government agency can legally compile about you, there is no limit on how much information a private company can gather about you.

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2 thoughts on “Before you sign into Goodreads with your Amazon account…

  1. Linking everything is also not good socially. I just needed to merge two accounts on Goodreads, having changed country of residence, email, Facebook, book distributor – and just about everything. Goodreads wouldn’t help with this – days of emailing, no response. I left three (polite) messages on their forum, this morning, (along with other Authors with the same problem) and eventually had an offer to do what I had by them worked out how to do for myself. They told me off for leaving more than one message, and I thanked them for their time, but (politely) pointed out that it had taken all that to get their attention. Then went off to do my Goodreads thing and recheck the books they have been wrongly advertising… and for me, there is no Goodreads page. I am clearly blocked, for not grovelling enough, or waiting three weeks for them to reply, as one man did. Now imagine, if ‘they’ – being anyone who has decided to be snotty – are all linked. Not good. We even keep our real-life friends separate, sometimes…

    • Hi Mandy!

      I just checked your GR author account and it “looks” like you’re up and running. Not sure what it shows for you but for me it shows you have claimed your account.

      But you’re right! You should NEVER link social profiles either. If I’m not mistaken, Facebook allows the vendor access to both your data and your friends data when you “like” a page. I’m not sure what access is given when you link accounts (like FB and GR).

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