Debate with the Squirrels: Sexism in Fantasy


Strap on your armor and sharpen your swords, it’s Controversial Topic Time!

Sexism in Fantasy

Oh yeah, we’re going there. I’m going to break this out into two posts. Today, let’s talk about cultural sexism in traditional fantasy and tomorrow we’ll talk modern fantasy.

Since I’m torn on the debate, you get to listen to me argue with myself.

The Epic Battle Between Feminist Kira (FK) and Devil’s Advocate Squirrel (DAS) Commences!

FK: I think it’s a problem that so many fantasy books are set in societies based on the cultural norms of Medieval Europe. Aren’t we just reinforcing the ideals of patriarchal societies and exclusionary gender roles where men rule and fight and women have polite tea parties and wear fancy dresses?

DAS: That’s ridiculous. Traditional fantasy also makes heavy use of kings and queens as rulers, but no one accuses the authors of being supportive of hereditary monarchies…

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