Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicles, #3) – Patrick Rothfuss Makes a Point

One of the things about Goodreads that causes a lot of drama is the rating system. Goodreads allows readers to rate books at any time (even prior to release) – which is great in my opinion, since it allows for geographical flexibility as well as ease of cataloging. Here’s the thing – a lot of authors and their fans have a problem with any low rating – especially if it is prior to the official release. The Goodreads Feedback group is full of people whining about low star ratings. If the ratings are high, no one cares. If the ratings are low…authors and/or their fans rush to the Goodreads Feedback or Librarian groups to complain and demand the ratings be removed.

Of course, you never hear about an author or their fans complain about early 5 star reviews…until now.

Let’s examine the book page for the highly anticipated third book in Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, Doors of Stone:
There are several interesting things about this book page:

~ The book has not been completed.
~ There is no [official] blurb for the book.
~ There is no publication date.
~ The book has been added and highly rated by 693 people – which means Doors of Stone has an average rating of 4.69. For a book without even a tentative publication date!
~ 132 people have written reviews for Doors of Stone.

Normally, authors and their fans completely ignore these kind of ratings (since the ratings are popular).

And then there’s Pat Rothfuss. Damn. This man knows how to make people spend money.

Pat Rothfuss comment
Wow. I’m loving the point he’s making, the humor AND the fact that he made a few geeky references. I love the fact that he doesn’t want false praise. 😀 Here’s an author that I can respect, appreciate, and spend my money on.

7 thoughts on “Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicles, #3) – Patrick Rothfuss Makes a Point

      • You’re not alone in regards to Kvothe. I’ve actually read a number of reviews that didn’t care much for him. I enjoyed him immensely after the…I’ll just say incident with his troupe to avoid spoilers. It was beautifully written and instantly made me connect with him (I’d been a little bored up till that point). I cried three times in that darn book, and I blame it on the writing itself, on how Rothfuss wove those scenes with intense emotions. Amazing! He beat out Anthony Ryan for the number 1 spot as my favorite author.

      • LOL…that’s awesome. Luckily I read it in private so my husband never saw. He gets so upset when I cry, but it’s near impossible not to cry with that book. I’m avoiding the second one because I MUST have the last one in hand. I don’t think I could get much closer to Kvothe and not have the finished story. Once book 3 is published, I plan on locking myself away for a few days and bawling in solitude as I read all three books. I’ll have to go to Costco and buy Kleenex in bulk.

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