2014 Book Purchases: April

I always start the draft for these monthly book purchase updates at the beginning of the month. It gives me a chance to look back over the previous month and encourage myself to do better.

I already feel that I’ve spent too much money on books this month – Sad, aren’t I? 🙂

I’m going to have to try harder. But I’m nervous about April because it is my birth month. I always find a way to indulge myself in April…

01-May-2014 Update: Yaaaay! I managed not to go over my $20 budget!!! 😀

Wind-Gone-MadBook: Wind Gone Mad
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Cost: $2.99
Format: Paperback
Date Purchased: 02-Apr-2014
Notes: Shits & Giggles, plus that cover! O_o



The Phoenix EndangeredBook: The Phoenix Endangered (The Enduring Flame #2)
Author: Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory
Cost: $4.50
Format: Hardback
Date Purchased: 02-Apr-2014
Notes: Second in a series



Magic's PawnBook: Magic’s Pawn (The Last Herald Mage #1)
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Cost: $3.00
Format: MMPB
Date Purchased: 02-Apr-2014
Notes: Replacement for ruined copy



The Felig ChroniclesBook: The Felig Chronicles (The Felig Chronicles #1)
Author: P.J. Dean
Cost: $4.99
Format: ePub Ebook
Date Purchased: 04-Apr-2014
Notes: First in a series. Putting my money where my mouth is, POC characters and author



April 2014 Totals:
Total Books Purchased: 4
Total Amount Spent: $15.48
Malazan Books Purchased: 0
(M) Amount Spent: $0
(O) Amount Spent: $15.48
Potential Sales Abandoned: 0
Money Saved (Lost Sales): $0.00
April Budget Available (not including Malazan purchases): $4.52


2 thoughts on “2014 Book Purchases: April

  1. Geez! I googled my author name as I search for pirate sites a lot and I saw that someone had purchased one of my books. Well, thank you tons! I appreciate that you took a chance on not just an unknown author, but on an unknown author whose work may not fit your taste. If you find the book is not what you were looking for, I do hope the experience will not stop you from branching out in future with another book with POC characters by another POC author. At least you took the chance! YAY! Happy Reading.

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