Lost Sales 2014: Week of July 13-19

Wow! It’s been months since I had to log a Lost Sale! It’s not like I do it often (alas, my book buying habits are OOT) but I’m always surprised when I do.

Just to recap, here are my primary reasons for abandoning a sale:

[Author] Bullshit
Exclusive Contracts
Geographical Restrictions
Not Available in preferred store/format

It's Always Been YouBook: It’s Always Been You (Always #1)
Author: Victoria Paige
How We Met: I saw a rating by a friend on Goodreads. I followed that to the book page which had some good reviews.
Problem: Exclusive Contract [with Amazon]. This book is only available on Amazon Kindle. I do not own an Amazon Kindle. I checked Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords AND the author’s site. Nothing.
Resolution: Will not purchase – cannot purchase.
Amount Saved: $0.99

3 thoughts on “Lost Sales 2014: Week of July 13-19

  1. I’ve posted a link to this page on an upcoming blog post, because I think authors need to know that exclusive contracts like KDP Select, can limit choices for readers and therefore limits readership of their books.

    • I can really appreciate that. I do know that I am unable to buy quite a few books when authors go through the Amazon exclusive contracts. I’ve also been burned by purchasing a book and forgetting to do an immediate download. When authors are at places like Kobo and B&N and then pull to go to Amazon – the reader loses access to that purchased book and cannot download (or re-download if they have a technical failure).

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