Hale vs Harris, and the Breach of Online Ethics

I’ve avoided blogging about the Kathleen Hale incident for quite some time. Mostly because I am unsure of what to say and how to articulate my outrage. I can say that it has had a detrimental effect on my reading, my reviewing and my book buying. I have been in shock. I’ve not wanted to read any books – maybe the Kathleen Hale boogieman might get me. I’ve not wanted to review books – maybe some asshole will come to my house because their butt feels hurt. I’ve not wanted to BUY books – why spend my money on an activity that gives me less joy now?

That, my dears, is the effect of Kathleen Hale deciding that she was so fucking important that she had the right to show the fuck up at someone’s house because she was upset.

This I can say: I will call the police, file a report and press charges against anyone showing up at my home. I will track you down right the fuck back if need be – but you will face police charges. I will spend every dollar that belongs to anyone in my entire extended family to ensure a nice harsh place for that person beneath the jail.

Alex Hurst has complied the most detailed and thorough report of exactly what Kathleen Hale has done. I’ve reblogged her excellent post but I strongly encourage you to click through to read the comments section.


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