Random Recipes: Open Faced Crab Melt

So hubby comes to me a few weeks ago and drops a bombshell: He wants to go Paleo. O_O

I was shocked…and a little dismayed. I know a bit more about the Paleo diet than hubby: I heard about it when I became serious about working out. It’s often touted as a great diet among Crossfitters, too. What caused my dismay, however, is the fact that I looooooove me some starch. I love potatoes and pasta, bread and cake, pie and biscuits. And Italian food!!!! I love this stuff. And Paleo is the opposite of the stuff I love. But I will try and go Paleo with hubby – at least until the starch/carb craving gets to me and I go running down the street while stuffing my mouth full of Butter Rum Pound Cake (BTW, Rum booze is a no-no when Paleo).

So. We’ve been advised to toss all foods that are forbidden in our new diet. And that ain’t happening, lol. I don’t know who does stuff like that but people like me can’t throw away money. So we will eat what we have and just work on not replenishing the “bad foods.”

Which brings me to this recipe. It’s not Paleo but it’s my start. I’ve halved the bread and lightened up the mayo. It certainly works well for my “lightened up” lunches. And it’s tasty!
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