Santana’s Heat by Kitty DuCane

santana's heat

Santana Jones barely escaped from the man-turned-wolf that attacked her during a camping trip that she’d won from a local radio station. But it turns out the radio station didn’t have a contest and she didn’t win. Then she meets the Luc who thinks he can detain her while he figures out this so-called mystery. Because of her past, allowing Luc to control her is out of the question even if he is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen and she can barely keep her hands off him.

Luc Delemere, the powerful leader of the North American werewolves, didn’t want a mate because her life would constantly be in danger. But when a bedraggled human crawls out of the icy river and stumbles into his barn, Luc finds it impossible to resist his sensual, but stubborn mate. The claw marks on her body confirm that she was attacked by a werewolf, but Luc wants to know who lured her to his land and why.

When Santana receives a note that says “Leave or Luc Dies,” she betrays Luc to save his life.

Can Luc untangle a web of lies and betrayal to find his mate before the assassin does?

Sanata’s Heat was very disappointing. It started so promising and then just exploded from there. I didn’t care about the characters. I started reading this last night and realized that I really didn’t like Santana too much. Her character was completely inconsistent. One minute she’s a strong woman who can take care of herself after being on her own (and homeless) for 10 years, having killed at least one person. The next minute she’s running away because someone slipped her an anonymous note or some woman wants to claim her man. Really? Seriously? The BDSM elements rang horribly false and seemed only to be thrown in so that the author could get this book put in that sub-genre.

I figured everything out waaaay too early and there seemed to be more than a little deus ex machina going on.

It’s hard for me to rate this because I was so disappointed. My gut reaction says “1 star” but the writing itself wasn’t that bad. Grammar was decent and there weren’t any noticeable typos. I guess 1.5 stars?

Changing Times (Lusting Wild #1) by Marilu Mann

changing times

Changing Times Marilu Mann New Orleans sizzles when Dr. Carly Chambers finds herself in the hands-or paws-of sexy shifter and antiques dealer Tony Pantera. Though the memory of his murdered human lover haunts him, Tony can’t deny the sensual scent of this doctor his friends kidnapped or the fact that Carly is now in danger because of him. The Turn Skins are power-hungry shifters who want to reveal themselves to the world and take over humans through fear. Tony and his friends stand in their way. Carly proves to be a tool for the Turn Skins when they learn that Tony can’t resist the attractive doctor. And Carly is happy to stroke this shifter’s fur. Their erotic encounters hurtle them into the path of danger and death. Can Tony protect his human lover from the Turn Skins who don’t care if she’s hurt as long as they get their way? Reader Advisory: Contains some scenes of violence that are not for the faint of heart.

I’ve worked with myself a lot to stop summarizing books in my reviews…but I feel that this one needs it.

Soo….let’s start at the beginning:

Carly is an ER (trama) doctor who is kidnapped by two men one day at the end of her shift. She is tied up and hooded then taken to a secret location where she is to heal a man who had been shot (the hero, Tony). And goodness…if I’m ever kidnapped PU-LEASE let my kidnappers be as nice and as handsome as Carly’s.

For some strange reason she believes them when they say she will not be harmed and never goes to the police. She helps her “patient,” spends the night and is taken home the next day. Of course…she falls into “instalust” as soon as she sees Tony. *face palm*
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