Wine: Fetzer Riesling (white)


At Fetzer, we’ve been committed to environmental responsibility for over a quarter century. Because we believe sustainable practices not only make for a healthier planet – they make for better wines.

Riesling comes in many styles, and its popular enough that some call it the new Chardonnay. We just call it good. Our personal style blends fruit from cooler areas of California to create a wine both rich and floral, pale yellow in color with aromas of pear and apricot. In the glass, you’ll taste peaches and apricots, a gracious invitation to sit a spell and enjoy with friends.

Our Riesling is delicate, yet full of fruit forward flavors and aromas. There are aromas of dried fruit, lemon, lavender, jasmine and rose petal. In the mouth, the crisp acidity balances this well structured wine with flavors of peaches, pineapple and pear that lead to a smooth rich, mellow finish.

Another week, another stab at picking a tasty white wine.

I grabbed this bottle of Fetzer Riesling simply due to it’s label: I love sustainable items made in the U.S. And it’s a Riesling – I love a good Riesling. 🙂

The Fetzer was good – not great but good. It has a very nice fruity/flowery smell and I could taste apples and peaches. The Fetzer Riesling was sweet with a slight tartness when it first hits your tongue.

Sadly, the Fetzer was a little too sweet for me and hubby I paired it with a mild fish taco platter and the pairing worked ok. It didn’t quite have the flavor I wanted for sipping but I still enjoyed it. I did enjoy the Fetzer but not really enough to repurchase (except for the sustainability thing).

Wine: Hobson Estate “Merlot”

hobson estate merlotI love a good Merlot. It’s one of my favorite wines.

I received this Hobson Estate Merlot as a part of a wonderful little gift basket I received for Christmas. I loved the entire basket – especially since it came with five bottles of wine! Getting a wine gift basket for Christmas is…the best thing ever. It makes sure you have bottles (that aren’t noted as favorites) for guests and it gives you a new vineyard to taste.

This Merlot is a deep burgundy color and it shines like a jewel when the light hits it.

I was surprised at how sweet it was at the very first taste. But I liked it. 🙂 It was sweet with a hint of tartness.

The label says it contains hints of: black cherry, ripe plums, blackberry pie, cloves, rich mocha, and a berry finish.

Wine: Chateau Ste Michelle – 05/08/13

My husband and I had a wonderful salmon dinner last night. We had Crispy Bourbon Salmon, Basmati Rice with Sweet Onions and Summer Herbs and sauteed spinach with garlic. I decided to pair this with a Riesling because – thus far – that’s my favorite white. I knew I wanted something that wasn’t too sweet and while I really enjoy Relax, I had a feeling it would be too sweet for this meal.

When I decided to make salmon for dinner I already had this bourbon recipe in mind. I made sure to get all the ingredients I needed on my regular grocery shopping expedition. Except…I forgot one thing: I don’t really drink dark liquors so I had no clue what my husband had in the liquor cabinet. I already had the rice going when I turned to start the sauce for the salmon. That’s when I find out: there’s no bourbon. O_O So I look up bourbon and find out it’s a type of whiskey. I go back to the liquor cabinet and…there’s no whiskey. 😦 But there is rum! So I spend like 10 mins googling to see if I could substitute rum for bourbon. About to give up in frustration, I got the bright idea to check the site I got the damn recipe from. Right there in the comments: yes, it’s cool. >.>
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Jam Jar Wine- April 20, 2013

I realized this weekend that I’ve been remiss on the wine posts, lol. 😀 And I think that is because usually I’ll snap a pic and then bask in the nectar that is wine.

I’m going to do a few quick update posts – hopefully before the next bottle gets consumed.

I’m exploring wines right now. In discussing this educational process with my regular wine seller, he told me that the 1st thing I should do is what I am supposed to be doing right now: keep a wine diary of what I liked and what I didn’t like.

He also told me that I should be careful in purchasing expensive wines. He told me that it takes time to develop a good palate so I may not be able to truly appreciate the delicate flavors of a more expensive wine. So, with those things in mind…here we go.

April 20th – Jam Jar

jam jar 2

I decided to do sweet reds on this particular weekend. I really don’t have a reason why I wanted to do sweet reds. It was more like a random thought pattern. I don’t care for dry wines especially. I really don’t care for dry white wines – when I do drink whites, I like a nice fruity or somewhat sweet white. So I guessed that I might like sweet reds, too. It’s not like I’ve never had a sweet red wine before, I’ve had plenty of sweet red wine. But it’s mostly been in larger groups with lots of conversation and tons of snacks. I’ve never tried sweet reds with the intention of appreciating the taste.

At the wine store I requested sweet reds and I was shown two different brands that I purchased. Sadly, I forgot to snap a picture of the 2nd bottle so I won’t discuss that one at all.

Back to the Jam Jar. Please remember this is based on several weeks old memory.

I liked it, it was nice. I can’t say it was my favorite. It was…much too sweet for my personal tastes. I would personally classify this as a dessert wine of some sort. Something that I would drink after a meal or as a dessert by itself. I liked the sweetness of it (I have a serious sweet tooth) but I would say that I’d want to turn the sweetness down a few notches.

Tomorrow (hopefully): What happens when wine and canning are combined!

Relax Riesling 03/30/13

relax riesling Riesling is one of the few white wines that I really like. I don’t like dry wines – so I mostly avoid whites. Hubby prefers whites so…we buy what I want most of the time, lol. This one is more for him. We tasted it when we went to a seafood restaurant during Lent and both of us liked it. When I saw someone purchasing a bottle recently, I had to get one for hubby (and me!).

This particular riesling is a sweet wine though the bottle says it’s “medium sweet.” I think I like the spicier ones the most but the sweet ones are good, too. The color is a nice golden yellow and – while its pretty sweet (which to me means it has a low alcohol content) – the legs *I think* are pretty strong. It smells pretty strongly of fruit. I’m not good enough to tell which kinds but I think I smell apples and pears.*

*The bottle says apples, peaches and a hint of citrus