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Life: Cardio Day (ugggh)

I think I hate cardio.

That’s a horrible thing to say! And it’s not 100% true. I’m a former dancer and (while my technique is non-existent) I still love to dance.

I also run. I enjoy that 1/4 of the time, lol. The other 3/4 of the time I just tell myself I’m enjoying it.

I love swimming and things like that. I’ve done some pretty hard core aerobic-based DVD workouts. I’ve done (a lot! of) Jillian Micheal’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) programs. I even like yoga.

But something about being forced into cardio activities makes me very….bullishly stubborn and irritated.

But I need to do cardio. Cardio is one of the only effective ways to lose weight (vs gaining muscle or getting in shape) and I want to lose some weight!

Yes. I can (and do) lift heavy weights. Currently my squat is stalled at 135 but I expect to hit some other PRs (personal records) in the coming weeks.

But. Cardio.
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