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REBLOG: Heartbleed: What it is and how to be safer (GenXpose)

There’s a nasty little bug out there dubbed Heartbleed.

Yes, it is a thing and it could impact you. In fact, it’s estimated that over two-thirds of the web has already been affected in some way.

So, what is Heartbleed?

Essentially, it allows third parties to see your information by eavesdropping on websites and accounts.

Please read the rest of the post at Genxposé here.

And don’t forget to be safe, y’all.

Before you sign into Goodreads with your Amazon account…

Before you sign into Goodreads with your Amazon account…

I was recently privileged to have one of my blog articles posted at Genxposé.

This post is about internet privacy and security…and why you should not link your Goodreads account to your Amazon account (or link any account, to be honest).


I recently learned that Goodreads quietly added a “Sign In with Amazon” button to their log on options. No fan fair, no announcements, just a little button that appears on some (but not all) sign-in screens.

Signing into Goodreads with your Amazon does two things: 

1) It helps them to connect the dots. The company is now able to fill in some of the additional holes in your consumer profile. They are linking your real name, address, credit card/gift card information and purchasing habits to a social profile. While there is a limit on what and how much information a government agency can legally compile about you, there is no limit on how much information a private company can gather about you.

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