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Plagiarism Sucks Ass: Sam Taylor Mullens steals from Rachel Ann Nunes

So, Sam Taylor Mullens has recently been caught plagiarizing from Rachel Ann Nunes. The book A Bid for Love also titled Love to the Highest Bidder was originally published by Ms Rachel Ann Nunes in 1998. In 2014 Sam Taylor Mullens shows up with The Auction Deal…which “wonder of wonders” has the same plot, details, passages and descriptions as A Bid for Love.

Like all thieves, she has tried to wiggle her way out of the situation. She has tried everything she can to keep this from coming to light. Sam Taylor Mullens first claimed some strange man gave her [Rachel Ann Nunes’s] book – while begging and pleading for Ms Nunes to not contact anyone about this. Of course. Sam Taylor Mullens had a “friend” send Ms Nunes a letter claiming how nice and pleasant Sam Taylor Mullens is and that she has an autistic son. Of course. THEN Sam Taylor Mullens sent someone else a letter claiming she had verbal PERMISSION to steal from Ms Nunes and that she was Ms Nunes’ neice. Yeah, right.

WTF. Sam Taylor Mullens should just write down the bat-shit crazy ideas she comes up with instead of plagiarizing others. But instead of doing that, Sam Taylor Mullens decides the best defense is a good offense. She -and her friends/fans/family – have been attacking and one-star reviewing Ms Nunes works. Because how DARE Ms Nunes confront the person who stole from her!


From Rachel Ann Nunes blog:

It has been verified by four separate readers that Sam Taylor Mullens did, indeed, add steamy scenes to The Auction Deal, her revised version of my Christian novel, and claimed it as her own. Her subsequent emails to different people and contradicting statements online while trying to cover her tracks has shown a definite intent to do fraud. This path she has followed is far more outlandish than any novel I’ve ever read.

As of right now, Sam Taylor Mullens is no longer a Goodreads author, her Facebook page seems to have been taken down as well. I heard that she is trying pull all of her ARCs – she is desperate to keep Ms Nunes from getting a copy of the full book. Hopefully Ms Nunes can bring legal action against Sam Taylor Mullens in the near future.