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B&M Bookstores: The Annapolis Bookstore, Annapolis, MD

The Annapolis Bookstore
35 Maryland Ave
Annapolis, MD 214001
(410) 280-2339

My Impressions: This place is great! They sale used and rare books – a few new books but not really.

I loved the atmosphere. There’s a cafe right inside but unlike Hard Bean (I visited both on the same day) The Annapolis Bookstore is clearly primarily a bookstore. A wild and crazy bookstore that is the equivalent of having a book crazy old family member who stuffed their entire house to the gills with books. And then let you free to roam with the ability to take home any book you like.

It’s like WOW! My goodness. I need a couple of hours here!

I also located a used copy of Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey. Magic’s Pawn was the very first brand new book I purchased with my own money from my first real job. I’d read the entire Valdemar series published multiple times from the library…but this was the first time I could afford to buy my own.

My New(sed) copy of Magic's Pawn beside my trashed copy.

My New(sed) copy of Magic’s Pawn beside my trashed copy.

My uncle (father’s brother) had come to live with us – he was very young and full of himself. Well, we got into an argument before I had to leave for school one day. In retaliation for the argument he decided to take my book, place it in the bathroom sink and turn the water on…just a drip. O_O By the time I got home Magic’s Pawn was totally saturated and I was devastated. Being broke, I carefully dried out Magic’s Pawn page by page. When I was done the book was readable but it was still trashed.

Years have passed (more than 10) but I kept my trashed copy of Magic’s Pawn as a reminder of my uncle. When I saw the used copy at The Annapolis Bookstore I decided that now was the perfect time to replace my original copy of Magic’s Pawn.

B&M Bookstores: Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers, Annapolis, MD

Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers
36 Market Space
Annapolis, MD 21401

My Impression: Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers is really more of a place to get food and drink rather than a place to shop for books. There are books for sell – but it’s a hodgepodge collection with no real rhyme or reason.
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March 2014 Library Haul

I stopped by the main branch of a local library recently. I really love going to this particular library because they have a permanent “bookstore” in a little niche in the hall.

Because I’m trying to be good, I only bought 6 books (hardback). The good part is that I only spent $6.00!! Yep, $1 per book.

march 2014 library haul

This haul is especially important to me because I found a copy of Illusion by Paula Volsky. I first read Illusion as an adventurous library user years and years ago. I read it but it really haunted me – I can’t say I enjoyed the read but I did enjoy the book. If that makes any sense. It was a haunting book and situation to me – Illusion is an Alternate Historical Fantasy, based off of the French Revolution. It follows a young noble girl as she deals with survival in the midst of the destruction of her entire world.
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B&M Bookstores: Atomic Books, Baltimore MD

I’ve always loved bookstores and libraries. I love the slightly musty, stuffy and dry smells that old books produce. I love the crisp smell of fresh cut paper that new books produce. I love looking at books, fingering books, organizing books and starting at book cover art.

I don’t find this strange at all. 🙂 What do I find strange? That other people DON’T do the same things.

I can spend hours staring at books. And if I find a book I find interesting? I love to sit in the middle of the isle on the floor and flip through books.

I love owning books. I am a bibliophile.

So it is heartbreaking to me that the brick and mortar bookstore is being lost in today’s internet focused world.

As a salute to those maintaining the brick and mortar bookstore for the love of books – I decided to start listing any [indie] B&M bookstore I visit.

I recently visited Atomic Books which was recently featured in a Flavorwire post (#14): 45 Great American Indie Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season.

Atomic Books
3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21211 USA

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2014 Book Purchases: February (totally busted)

Well, it looks as if I totally busted my book budget this month. I can’t accept the blame, I blame Flights of Fantasy and my public library system. THEY [FoF] are the ones who forced me to read Gardens of the Moon and THEY [my library system] are the ones who somehow don’t have even a single copy of the damn Malazan Book of the Fallen series in the whole system!! So each book borrow is coming from out of the area (same state, different county systems) meaning they all take a month or more to arrive!

So there’s no way the blame falls on me. ^.^
Howl's Moving CastleBook: Howl’s Moving Castle
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Cost: $6.47
Format: Trade Paperback
Date Purchased: 04-Feb-2014
Notes: First in a series

Dark Lord of DerkholmBook: Dark Lord of Derkholm (Derkholm #1)
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Cost: $4.15
Format: Hardback
Date Purchased: 07-Feb-2014
Notes: First in a series but I own book 2
Ice CrownBook: Ice Crown
Author: Andre Norton
Cost: $4.94
Format: Hardback
Date Purchased: 12-Feb-2014
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2014 Book Purchases: January

New Year, new goals! This year I plan to *try* to stay on goal regarding my reading goals and book purchases.

I need to set a realistic goal but for right now the goal is to spend no more than $20 a month on books.

LibriomancerBook: Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris #1)
Author: Jim C. Hines
Cost: $7.67
Format: MMPB
Date Purchased: 03-Jan-2014
Notes: First in a series



Geek with the Cat TattooBook: Geek with the Cat Tattoo (Cool Cats, #2)
Author: Theresa Weir
Cost: $0.99
Format: Kindle Ebook
Date Purchased: 08-Jan-2014
Notes: Didn’t mean to buy this one (kindle book), thought it was free didn’t notice the charge til later 😦



The Broken KingdomBook: The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy #2)
Author: N.K. Jemisin
Cost: $5.60
Format: Trade Paperback
Date Purchased: 16-Jan-2014
Notes: Still need book 3


This Case is Gonna Kill MeBook: This Case Is Gonna Kill Me (Linnet Ellery #1)
Author: Phillipa Bornikova
Cost: $4.00
Format: Paperback
Date Purchased: 23-Jan-2014
Notes: First in a series


January 2014 Totals:
Books Purchased: 4
Amount Spent: $18.26
Potential Sales Abandoned: 1
Money Saved (Lost Sales): $17.84
January Budget Available: $1.74

Life: Building a Gym – Battling Ropes, Muscle Ropes and Combat Ropes

As part of my home gym I’ve always wanted a set of battle ropes. I’ve been researching them [battle ropes] for a bit of time now.

**NOTE: I consider this “accessorial” equipment. Unless this is part of your regular workout program, something like this can wait until more necessary gym equipment is purchased.**

Battle Ropes are – in very basic – a long and heavy rope (usually anywhere from 30ft to 100ft) that is normally 1.5” – 2.0” thick that is anchored to a point in the rope’s middle. Either end of the rope is used to “battle” by making the rope move in different patterns. These ropes weigh anywhere from 16 pounds to 92 pounds [or more!] and are made from a variety of different natural or synthetic materials. Battle Ropes are generally used to get a challenging combination strength/aerobic workout.
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Life: Shopping (again) ETSY


Now I’m really tripping…

I saw this on ETSY and I love it.

Cause obviously I have nothing better to do with my money than to buy crap I don’t need. (/sarcasm) Bills?? Ha! I need workout jewelery!

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

But it would look hot with the “Bad Girls Deadlift” t-shirt I want to get….