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Life: Building a Gym – Battling Ropes, Muscle Ropes and Combat Ropes

As part of my home gym I’ve always wanted a set of battle ropes. I’ve been researching them [battle ropes] for a bit of time now.

**NOTE: I consider this “accessorial” equipment. Unless this is part of your regular workout program, something like this can wait until more necessary gym equipment is purchased.**

Battle Ropes are – in very basic – a long and heavy rope (usually anywhere from 30ft to 100ft) that is normally 1.5” – 2.0” thick that is anchored to a point in the rope’s middle. Either end of the rope is used to “battle” by making the rope move in different patterns. These ropes weigh anywhere from 16 pounds to 92 pounds [or more!] and are made from a variety of different natural or synthetic materials. Battle Ropes are generally used to get a challenging combination strength/aerobic workout.
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Life: Shopping (again) ETSY


Now I’m really tripping…

I saw this on ETSY and I love it.

Cause obviously I have nothing better to do with my money than to buy crap I don’t need. (/sarcasm) Bills?? Ha! I need workout jewelery!

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

Good Girls Tone, Bad Girls Deadlift

But it would look hot with the “Bad Girls Deadlift” t-shirt I want to get….

Things I need to buy…

Have you ever heard of Esty? If not, you should go there now. I’ll warn you, it’s an expensive time sink…but it’s fabulous.

So today I was trolling Esty and I saw this adorable pendent and I wanted to share. Then I also realized I didn’t share the link for the button so I decided to show both.

First, the pendent:
believe in 398_2

I still believe in 398.2 fairy tale necklace charm (Listing 313G)

398.2 is the fairy tale section for the Dewey Decimal System — an adorable and unusual pendant for fairy tale lovers, librarians and book geeks everywhere

So cute!

Now, the button.
prone to crushes on boys in books

This listing is for one 1.25″ button. It says:

prone to crushes on boys in books.

Adorable, right?