All the random “general information” posts.


Book Formats
Trade – Trade Paperback
HB – Hardback/Hardbound
HC – Hardcover
DTB – Dead Tree Book
MMPB – Mass Market Paperback

H/h – Hero/Heroine (or Heroine/Hero)
TSTL – Too Stupid Too Live
MC – Main Character
Alphole – An asshole masquerading as an Alpha Male
Plot Moppet – A child character that has no real purpose other than to move the plot forward

Magical vagina/hooha/vajayjay – This is a vagina that is the literary equivalent of being dipped in gold, plated in platinum and sprinkled with diamonds. The magical vagina can heal everything that is wrong with the hero including major wounds and serious emotional trauma. The magical vagina also the ability to stop a man-whore from being interested in sex with any other vagina.
Magical Penis – This is the same as the magical vagina but it also has the ability to give multiple orgasms at all times.

LotR – Lord of the Rings
Malazan – Malazan Book of the Fallen
ASoIaF – A Song of Ice and Fire (The real title of GRRM’s Game of Thrones series)

GRRM – George R.R. Martin
JKR – J.K. Rowling

Reading Shorthand
NTM – New To Me author
IDK – I Don’t Know
YMMV – Your Miles May Vary
YA – Young Adult
DYA – Dystopian Young Adult
SFF – Science Fiction and Fantasy
SPA – Self Published Author
Big Mis – Big Misunderstanding: the final obstacle in the way of the HEA between the H/h, happens near the ending of the story
dub-con – dubiously consensual sex
non-con – non-consensual sex (rape)

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